About Us

From the first moment the Thiel family set foot in Nova Scotia, they knew their future would be inextricably intertwined with this place. After a vacation here in 2000, they quickly bought property on a lake in Shelburne County, and built a beautiful log home there. Their frequent visits soon led them to an even greater appreciation of the province, its natural beauty and the people who live here, and the family soon began looking for opportunities to invest in Nova Scotia’s future.

They discovered the boundless potential for development in downtown Halifax, and concentrated their efforts there. Between 2001 and 2003, the Thiels bought several iconic commercial buildings, including the Royal Bank Tower, the BMO Tower and the TD Tower. Their vision is to develop those buildings and the surrounding blocks downtown to their fullest capacity as a long-term investment for the city, the province and all Nova Scotians. The proposed rejuvenation of the TD Centre is an opportunity for the family to work with HRM to build a new piece of Halifax.

Since establishing themselves here, the Thiels have brought their passion for art to the province, and combed auctions around the world to make several generous contributions to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (AGNS). They have since been recognized by the AGNS’ Honourary Governor for their exceptional support of the AGNS, the community and the province, and Halifax-based Wolfgang Thiel continues this support on his family’s behalf.

Formerly of Trier Germany, Wolfgang Thiel is a director of TDB Halifax Holdings Limited, the Thiel family company that owns the TD Centre. Wolfgang is overseeing the project and resides in Halifax with his wife, son and “Blackie” the dog.