The Halifax TD Centre on the corners of Barrington, George and Granville Streets is a downtown Halifax landmark.

Guided by the goals of HRMbyDesign, our planned expansion, renovations and remodeling will add capacity, vibrancy and beauty to the building, streetscape and community, while contributing to a more sustainable future for downtown.

In addition to upgrading the existing building for LEED® Gold (Core and Shell) certification with a refreshed exterior façade and new high-efficiency mechanical and electrical systems, the building will eliminate an unsightly vacant lot while building Halifax’s biggest Class A Smart Building.

The office tower will be expanded to provide larger floor plates and three new stories will be added to the top of the tower, and it will incorporate a restored Macara-Barnstead building façade on Granville Street, which will inform the design of the new streetscape.

Key Advantages of the Design
•     The TD Centre design incorporates the heritage façade of the Macara-Barnstead building
•     The building will seek LEED® Gold (Core and Shell) certification
•     The upgrade aligns with HRMbyDesign guidelines, providing Class A office space for businesses
•     The building fills vacant land while creating a vibrant new streetscape and increased ground floor retail spaces
•     The design creates a more engaging experience for pedestrians at the intersection of George and Granville Streets, incorporating  new a new retail storefront and open plaza
•     The building will showcase an innovative design for rehabilitating downtown office buildings

Sustainable Design Features
•     A green roof has been designed to reduce the heat effect, lowering the temperature in the building during hot summer months
•     The expanded building will maintain the historic Macara-Barnstead building façade on Granville Street
•     Bicycle parking will be available for the use of tenants
•     The building’s new high-efficiency mechanical and electrical systems will reduce operating costs by 40 to 50%, making total rent very competitive for tenants who will also have more and better control over their air quality and other environmental systems
•     The existing exterior glass will be replaced with new high-performance glass and glass awnings will generate electricity from the sun